Friesian video– poetry in motion

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The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse- beautiful, versatile, athletic, kind, willing, and able to do anything! May the world see that this breed is loved and enjoyed by all. Believe it and do it! Own a Friesian Horse!

For more information please visit: www.kfps.nl (this is a Dutch language website)
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Combined driving carriage pair, helmet cam video

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this is really cool, competition– Video taken at Windy Knoll CDE 2011. During the marathon (cross country) part of the competition.

Pair of friesian/saddlebred sisters, by anceluda on youTube
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Friesian/Appy wild spotted stallion– Mystic Warrior

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Thanks to reader Ankhorite who points us to this Album of grownup pix of “Mystic Warrior” on Facebook. At 5 years old he is now leopard appaloosa colored, mostly white. A striking stallion and apparently talented as well!

Ankhorite tells us he is 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appaloosa (his dam was Appy/Friesian and his sire was [...]


Carriage driving weekend in Northeast Kingdom VT

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Keeping the boys fit after all their Mt. Washington training, we went Aug. 5-7 to Danville Vermont, where we enjoyed miles and miles of quiet and scenic dirt roads.

Becky and Carolyn getting ready to ride

Drive hostess Deb H. rode behind us for a while, astride her mature Morgan horse Kyrelle

Connie drives the pair, Deb’s photo. [...]


Friesian plays in hand at the ocean (video)

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Just lovely…

from blueskychouchou on youTube

At liberty and under saddle.
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Draft horses driven tandem, unicorn, and 4-across

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Lancaster Fair N.H. draft horse show, Labor Day weekend–

Percherons in tandem hitch. These show-type Percherons are like the sire of our boys, Silent Commander in Loudon NH.

Big Percherons and Belgians prance around driven in tandem hitch in the draft horse show ring! This hitch is one we have started training our boys to do.
See other [...]


Beautiful stallions videos

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Dream stallions on youTube, by Anchored4…

Friesians in the snow… by SkylineFarm.

Gypsy Vanner stallions, from VillaVanners.

Friesians at play, the Forest Boyz by lauraz7 (Such clowns! other Forest Boyz vids featured on this blog previously)

Friesians and Gypsys, by raythegoth.

Lipizzaners in the actual Spanish Riding School, Spanische Hofreitschule, Vienna… posted by bayareabert.
(Yes it’s commercially-produced, but back when [...]


Amazing horses, videos

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Massive 6-horse Percheron hitch from Alberta, Canada. Awesome demonstration!

Kids training horses, great instructional videos by these guys!

Carolyn Resnick’s method…

Gypsy stallion performing at liberty

Friesian/appaloosa cross, talk about flashy!

Horses in paradise– relationships!
See videos by petArtist (aka horsepaintings) on youTube, over 400 to choose from!
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Carriage club drives and rides in Lyndeborough

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This drive was July 12 and a gorgeous day! Lyndeborough, N.H. has a lot of beautiful old farms and pasture land, a country village, and miles of dirt roads to explore by carriage and horseback. (Granite State Carriage Assoc. organized recreational horse outing.)

Peaches came along with us, and was very well-behaved in the rear seat. [...]


Bear Brook Drive/Ride features beautiful break in weather

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We should always get so lucky! In the middle of weeks of almost continuous rain, Saturday June 13 was gloriously beautiful for the GSCA’s Drive/Ride in Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, NH. 19 registrants went out to enjoy dirt roads and some trails, meandering through a Depression-era campground where some people spend all summer and [...]

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