How the horse’s BARE hoof is designed to work

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Recent comments on Peaches’ posts about hoof abscesses lead me to share these videos with you.
The Swedish Hoof School has made videos showing precisely how the horse’s hoof functions: the hoof wall flexes outwards under weight-bearing, and retracts when the weight is removed. This creates a natural pumping action with each step which circulates [...]



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As each horse topic below is covered, links are added onto this page for your reference. I will also publish YOUR family-oriented horse and pet pictures and stories, so please do EMAIL me!
24 hour turnout in New Hampshire
alpha horse behavior, aggression
barn management
barefoot/bare hoof horse care
chewing, wood chewing: trees, fences, wood
fencing: electric, [...]


Carriage driving green horse Auburn NH

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Pictures from October 22 carriage drive hosted by Granite State Carriage Association, held in Auburn, New Hampshire. Our 3 yr.old Arabian/Percheron, Gilford, is put to our Meadowbrook Cart and driven by my hubby. I was riding his mom, Arabian mare Willow’s Bask, aka. Willy. (Most pictures were taken from horseback.)
Note the Boa hoof boots [...]


Acadia carriage roads horseback in September

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Our yearly horse vacation in Acadia National Park Maine was unusual in many ways. We have enjoyed the carriage roads in the Park for the last 14 years with our horses stalled at Wildwood Stables and us camping on the Wildwood grounds.Anyone who visits Acadia and the Bar Harbor area will appreciate its beauty and [...]


Hoof abscess healing- photos, symptoms, treatments

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Labeled photographs here are of our young horse’s sole abscess, left hind foot, after it broke through at the outside of his heel bulb (see Horse lame from hoof abscess.) I know many horse people are interested in hoof abscesses so I have posted these symptoms and treatment details and time elapsed. The horse is [...]


Horse lame from hoof abscess

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Instead of having a description of 3-yr.-old Gilford’s American Warmblood Society inspection, I report now on his recovery from a lameness issue. Once again his timing was perfect– he started slightly favoring his left hind leg on Saturday September 2, a week before his scheduled inspection. (I say ONCE AGAIN because last year right before [...]

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