Barefoot hooves simplified by Joe Camp (videos)

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Joe Camp is the owner of Benji the wonderdog and producer of Benji’s several movies. In recent years he has turned his attention to horse keeping and relationships with horses.

Joe Camp’s description of hoof action

Joe’s Paddock Paradise created on rocky hill– example is at end of video.
Visit Joe’s Soul of a Horse blog…
Find Joe’s books [...]


Barefoot horses running, Kodak moment (video)

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The other morning I was treated to seeing Glendale (our 6 year old Perch-Arab gelding) galloping back and forth on our “Paddock Paradise” track. If you have read Peaches’ past posts, you know we have kept our horses barefooted since birth, and do the bulk of their hoof trimming ourselves.
I have always been fascinated [...]


Carriage horses summit Mount Washington!

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Our two locally-bred and raised horses, nicknamed Gilford and Glendale, on Sunday July 17 pulled us in our carriage to the top of Mt. Washington, 7.6 miles distance, from elev. 1527 ft. to 6288 ft. The Event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Connie & Hubby prepare Gilford and Glendale to start up Mt. Washington Carriage/Auto Road
In [...]


Barefoot shoes for people? Vibram FiveFingers

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Reactions to my own and Hubby’s “Vibram FiveFingers” shoes (if you can call them that!) are either genuine interest (from the outdoorsy types) or “Oh, your shoes are CUTE” from the dubious types, usually said with a raised eyebrow or half-smile. Then comes either “I’ve seen those… where did you get them?” or “Uh, [...]


Horse’s movement and its effects on hooves

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VERY informative resources on how the biomechanics of the horse’s movement affect barefoot hoof wear. Crucial to know more about if you keep barefoot horses, and highly informative to anyone concerned with balance, straightness, and developing better athletes (both horse and rider) in any horse discipline– as we ALL should be!
.PDF article which includes all [...]


Club foot explained, with xrays

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For myself, I sort of know a club foot when I see one– maybe– but the blogger at


URGENT– Morab must find new home!

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Dusty is a 4 year old Morab (Morgan-Arabian) gelding, 14.2 hands. He is halter broke, barefoot, has a willing disposition, and is a nice-looking guy as you can see. He gets along well with vet and farrier, is sweet natured with people and other horses, is up to date on shots and Coggins.

Dusty, Morgan-Arabian cross, [...]


Barefoot, natural horsekeeping more widespread

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Anyone interested in learning more about barefoot hoof care, in addition to reading Peaches’ posts on barefoot, should check out the BAREFOOT HORSES Web Ring at below right to find other sites discussing the topic. Barefoot and natural horsekeeping is becoming more and more popular. That would be because, as more people [...]


Pea gravel and barehoof condition update

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The peastone gravel which we put in paddock areas three years ago is worn thin but still functioning. Where we put it the deepest (about 3 inches) under the shed roof run-in, it has become filled in with detritus and has been drug out into the paddock by the horses’ feet, but it still offers [...]


Paddock paradise rougher footing added

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Our horses were pretty close to self-maintaining their bare hooves this summer. We still shape and trim them every 3-4 weeks, but the amount of trimming has been minimal. A lot of rain and cooler weather also kept their hoof growth slower than in normal summers.
In addition to pea gravel, I decided to place some [...]

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